Nanikana :  "La voie principale" (algonquin) Ref. Fleuve Harricana

                                                                                     Bienvenue chez Nanikana Aerospaciale!
NaniKana Aerospaciale est une organisation civil/privée qui a vue le jour avec un petit groupe de passionés dans diverses domaines: Informatique, Radioamateurs, Électronique, Aérospacial, Chimie, etc. Ce fut,a l'origine un passe temps amusant qui jour apres jour devint un hobby de plus en plus sérieux, avec un objectif de plus en plus ambitieux: L'espace !

                                                                                         Welcome to Nanikana Aerospace!
NaniKana Aerospace is a civil organisation who was created by a small group of passionate people from diverse backgrounds: Model rocket making, computer, Amateur Radio, electronics, aerospace, chemistry, etc. It was, originally, a fun, instructive hobby who became, day after day, more serious, and with an ambitious objective: Reachin Space !

Mission Otachi-6 ProtosAT-2 (2017)

Rocket  Division

Objectives: R&D in Hybrid Rocket engines and complex High Power Rocket systems equipment

Otachi Project Division

Objectives :  R&D and Launch of a CubeSat (ProtosAT)

Meteor & SkyCam Division

Objectives: Scanning Sky with Radio and Cam for Meteor.

Stratos Division

Objectives:  Test Stratospheric Launch Equipment.


Banshee-2 (Priv, Rocket Cluster Engine) Sept 2014
Otachi-Arduino 4C (Priv,NearSpace) June 06 2015
Otachi- 5 & ProtosAT-1 (Priv,NearSpace) May 21 2016
  Otachi-6 & ProtosAT-2 (Priv,NearSpace)  June 3 2017       Otachi-6B : La Malbaie (Com, NearSpace)  July 14 2017     Banshee-3 (2 Stages Rocket Drone Hybrid)  2018
Otachi-6C & ProtosAT-3a (CSA/ASC Pre-Flight)  2018
Otachi-7 & ProtosAT-3b (NearSpace with CSA/ASC)  2018
Banshee-3 Destiny-1(Priv,Hybrid 2 stages)  2019
Otachi-8 & ProtosAT-4 (Priv,NearSpace)  2019
ProtosAT-4 (CubeSat LEO) 2019-2025 (Dev)

Teams Leaders

JF Nadeau Systems Integration & President
P. Brisson Ground Support & Infrastructures, VP
J. Gilbert Programmer Analyst, CA.
M. Thibodeau RSO & Electronics Design, VP
A.Brunelle Projects Manager &  CA.
R.Bilodeau Electronics Design, CA
M-A Boucher Radio Specialist 
D.Blackburn Press Relation & Communications, CA.
X. Nadeau / A. Jacob Ground SAR
Leelou Nadeau / D. Dubé Photographer

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